Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm going to take the 'it's beneath me to respond to you' tack with this, Coon, but take that.

Don't be messin' with me, boy.


Sean Coon said...

I'm going to push you a little more because as a younger, non-African-American, I think I know a little more about this subject than you, an older, non-African-American.

You will be forced to slap me before I shut up.

Ed said...

Do you really think I'll take a firm position on any of this that will allow you to corner me?

You have much to learn, Grasshopper - your transparent signs of respect notwithstanding.

Ed said...

OK. I've decided to engage. What I'm going to do, Sean, is, watch this, hit you with a couple of subtle, but well-crafted questions and make you commit to taking a stand on something that is shaky. I will then dismantle your arguments and you will remember who is the master and who is the student. I mean, I'm in your dojo (hip hop culture), right? And you are sucking wind after Round 1.

Joe Killain said...

Hey, it's me. Wanted to get in on this and support Ed a little bit since it looks like he's going to win. That's just how I roll.

Going to name drop now - Chuck D. Liked that, didn't you. He and I conversed on the current state of the industry a few years back You know, equal exchange of ideas. I heard him. He felt me. It's all good.

Oh, yeah, and to get kids to stop doing things, make it uncool. Take it from me, I know all about uncool.

Sean Coon said...

God, you're so pathetic. Can't believe I look up to you. Going to go make a post dissing Russell Simmons now.

PS Dis means to disrespect. That's from the street, dawg. Oooh, I'm on fire. Going to post some lyrics at my site now.

Ed said...

Go ahead and post those lyrics, white boy. Keep it real. Represent, yo. Ya heard.

Sean Coon said...

damn pied-piper, stuck-in-the-past, scary, arrogant, mainstream sob. i'll have u know i post lyrics semi-weekly.

and how can u tell im serious? no capitals, lots of -- dashes -- and a liberal use of italics.

Sean Coon said...

1 more thing. could u possibly come and comment at my blog about this? it's a drag picking a fight with u and making a big post about why u r wrong and then having that post ignored forcing me to go to ur place to get some feedback. ur friend (i hope) and no-badge-wearing-hip-hop-head-4-life.

benholder said...

Somebody gone git shot.

Ed said...

Look, dawg, let me break it down for you:

1. Commercial rap lyrics may reflect real problems in the wider culture.

2. The people cashing the checks don't seem to care much.

3. Audiences react to these lyrics in complex ways.

4. The lyrics are neither the end of the world nor easily dismissed as harmless.

That, my Jersey representin' friend, is how you have it both ways and why the pebble is still firmly ensconced in my palm.

Ed said...

And, homey, 100,000 people read me every other Sunday (Can you believe Davenport has access to my 100,000 readers when I'm off? Sheesh.). How many read you?