Wednesday, April 4, 2007

North Carolina considers apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow-era wrongs.

Or, let's post about an enlightened racial gesture and see if we can get Bubba to take the other side.


Bubba said...

No apology now, no apology tomorrow and no apology forever.

Ed said...

Could this be any less fair?

The CA said...

What about Green Dog, huh? Why don't you make him look like a fool once in a while instead of me and Bubba.

The CA said...

Aaarrrghhh. I meant to post this at my site under the Op-ED category where I post what I think about your posts (and what I think about you in general) that I then link to, but that I don't read or recommend others reading or linking to.

Does my superior reasoning ability have you begging for mercy yet?

No? Might be time for me and Bubba to turn it up a notch. BAM!