Friday, April 13, 2007

This is me using my Jedi mind trick. Oooohhhhh. Oooohhhh. Great my powers are.


Ginger Bush said...

Stop it! Just stop it! I can't take it. All this sublimination!

For the love of God, say what you mean!

I am a victim! V-I-C-T-I-M! Don't any of you understand!

The Conservative Alternative said...

See! I knew it! Didn't I tell you! You don't play fair, Ed Cone. Jedi mind trick. Aha! I told all these people you weren't being up front. Deceitful creature. I'll not be back to your blog to discuss you. All my talking to you and about you from now on will occur at my blog or in the comments of other's Switzerland-like blogs - facilitating the meetings between two great powers. I mean it this time. Really.

PS How's your traffic since I don't comment here any more? Dismal isn't it. I know. I can tell. You lie awake at night thinking about me, don't you. That's OK. I don't do it. Don't lie awake at night thinking about you, but it's OK that you do about me. Lie awake. At night. Thinking about me. That's all.

PSS You amuse me. I am not obsessed. Just amused. It takes very little time to write this stuff. I am a fast typist. Op-ED, that's nothing. Takes no time at all. You like to think you can make me feel odd. But you can't. You don't. You just feed your own ego. Which is OK. You do what you want. I'm no different than Brenda and Hogg and Sean and Roch and Angilico and Bubba and Kirk and Stew. Really. I'm the same. They like you. I don't. They don't like me. But they might. Someday. We'll see.

PSSS You say you don't care what I think. But your actions speak otherwise. You are the one who's obsessed. Veiled references to me everywhere. Veiled so you can deny it. But we know. Don't we. My precious. Yes. We know.

Joe Killain said...

Perhaps you could use those Jedi mind powers on me sometime to help me be able to recall at a moment's notice, without looking it up, the difference between city and county governments.

By the way, there's an N&R employee picnic next Saturday. Hope to see you there my fellow co-worker.

Ed said...

News &/- Record employee? Sniff. They wish.