Monday, March 3, 2008

Zack Matheny, my friend, you think you've been kissing the right Greensboro rings. Care to begin your education?


Spag said...

Ed, I do so love the fact that we are getting along these days.

Tip for Matheny - resistance is futile.

David Hoggard said...

I agree with Ed!

See it's easy to be a minion, Zack. Been doing it ever since Ed almost made me a councilman.

Jim Rosenberg said...

Second the easy part. However, if you'd like to maintain just a little dignity, you can kind of disagree with Ed every couple of months on some arcane point and argue with him about it for twenty or so blog comments until he backs you into a corner and you have to slink off, but by then every will have forgotten what the original point was and will have probably stopped reading anyway.

Bubba said...

Keep the faith, Zack!

meblogin said...

What do you think about possibly asking him lots of questions, Zack?