Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey! Guess what, everybody? We decided that ConvergeSouth wasn't boring enough.

As an added bonus, we're bringing in Guilford County's top IT students so we can give them a preview of the rest of their life.

Update: Next year's sponsor.


Fec said...

I'm serious this time, Cone. It'll be at least two weeks before I put you back on my blogroll.

Billy the Blogging Poet said...

Hi, everybody. You're invited to my place during Converge. Cost of admission is a couple of hot dogs (the red ones) and for attendees to acknowledge once per hour how this humble poet was one of the first in Blogsboro to blog and how it should have me that got to sell out to Microsoft and not Sue.

Fec said...

In retrospect, I probably should have realized that the punk-ass bitch would run to the police.

cara michelle said...

Hello, Jeff Martin. I have empathy for you. I have empathy for Robbie, too.

Off to feed the hungry now.

Email me if you can think of any other way that I could possibly be a more perfect woman.