Thursday, April 5, 2007

Cute blogging thing from the NYT.


PotatoStew said...

Making the obvious joke. Do I even need to take the time to spell it out?

Joe Killain said...

God, I wish I were funny. Why couldn't it have been so? I have so many other gifts. I mean, not to brag or anything, but I know where the g-spot is.

Anyway, hmmm, what can I say here that's witty? PotatoStew already made the obvious joke, or one of them to his little mind anyway. I bet he wishes he could be a reporter. Anyway, what shall I do? Hmmm. Got it! I'll make all the obvious jokes! I'll parody all the different kinds of Ed Cone commenters. Kind of like that Not Really Ed Cone guy. God that guy is so full of himself. I hate that guy. Why's he always picking on me? Bet he doesn't know where the g-spot is. Asshole.

Joe Killain said...

Excuse me while I go explain to Ben what satire is. That'll get this big 'ol brain to working and get my mind off being funny.